Listen to a story telling, with attention to you.

Our very favorite story is the event of the time of Mamun. The countrywide drought was going on. People in remote areas were passing difficult times sometimes in hunger and poor. Similarly, a remote village altogether Bedouin decided to meet the caliph. Let's tell her trouble. That's what I think. Bedouin started the journey on the way to the capital of Baghdad. Many distant ways There is nothing to say. The only leg is a bit. Bedouin was tired of walking through the wilderness. As far as eye goes, there is no water seen in the water. Bedouin still dragged the tired tired body and walked in front. The caliph should be seen that he will get him. sample Image: Desert stood at Bedouin Stam after a few ways. What is at! Water is seen? Bedouin ran. In one place, there is really water in a hole. Drinking all the water, filled with a tarla bedwin, drinking all the water. Oh! A. AMER! So sweet, so nice water that he did not even get in life. Bedouin thanked Allah in mind. Her heart, Allah is a Merciful. This water can not be not happy. Allah surely sent this water to him only. He thought in mind, when going to the caliph, when he was with the blessings of this paradise for him, the caliph which would not be happy. Bedouin was filled with water in the court. 

sample image
Khalifa noticed that this stranger lake stood silently in one corner. But not saying anything. Bravery can not be courageous. The caliph wanted to know his identity from himself. The lake told her identity. Then proudly said, the great caliph! I came to you in the absence. However, I was almost empty handed in your court. When I came to you, there was a search of an Jannati blessing in the way. I brought the water of the blessing for you. She is so sweet of water, so nice ... compared to whom is rare in the world. He took the water in the face of Khalifa. Some sipped and kept it on one side. Then he looked at the brilliant eyes and said, "The water brought to Timar is really sweet and very nice. Comparing it is really rare. I have brought this water for me so much trouble, I am grateful to the Accusation for this. I give some gold coins to the pen. You go home with it. There is no need to go out of here. sample image: Water in Desert Surprise in the court of the Darbar. What a precious drink, the caliph, which praised it so much! The rules of the Khalifa were ruled by someone, when someone brought food to food, the caliph gave it to others. But this drinking caliph did not even feed anyone. Again, the lake said, "Do not go to the forefront." What does this mean? Everybody wanted to know the explanation to the caliph to leave the lake. One of the cheeks of the caliph laughed and said that I did not even have such faith in this water. It was raining tomorrow night. In the path of the way, the rain water was brought in a hole in a hole. The lake brought that water to me. People in the desert of the poor. Did not see the drinking water very much. As well as the road was thirsty. In this situation, this water seems to be nectar to him. He brought for me sincerity. Now if I would give you some of you to eat this water, then the mystery would have been leaked. Only the man could be shame in front of everyone. I have forbidden him so that he does not get in front. Because, after some distance, Dajla-forat. This water is trivial to Dajla-forat. When he drinks water, his mistake was broken. I did not want to burn a kind of trees. As if he does not have this feeling, Oh, I came to the caliph! We do not understand the meaning of those who have been born of Islam. But those who have grew in non-Muslim environment, Berezhen Islam, how big ancient blessings of Allah Ta'ala. Their condition of the thirsty traveler of the desert. This was the sample of our ancestors. They were strong against the enemy, strong and softness towards the people. We should make us by following them.

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