Abbasi Chilaphate

In the absence of public life of the Abbasi era, there are two types of images in front of us to search for a civil and fiction in the absence of citizens and fiction. Presenting a kind of image in the history lectures. Another type of figure brings fiction-based books, such as Kitabul Agranny, Arabic-Ratni. 

Abbasi chilaphate
The information obtained from these two sources is so opposing each other that it is not except to be correct. The orientalists and researchers affected by them usually tried to reach the conclusions from the two books. As a result, they presented a picture in front of us, so that the Muslim society of the era was full of non-religious and obscenity. Alcoholism and adultery were their regular actions. It is impossible to accept such paintings. Because we should remember that the start of the absence of the Abbasi era was included in Khairul Kurun. At that time Tabiyi and Tabiyiras lived. The people of Muslims lived in the cities of the Muslim world, who were innocent, Amr Bill Maruf and Nahi Anil Munar's work. As a result, in front of them, in a society, it will be accepted in such a society, and they can not be silent or in their written books, can not be accepted. It is true that in the end, the caliph and the public were becoming accustomed to various types of wicked, which their fall was broken. The objective historians are clearly mentioned in their texts. But in the whole, the absence of the absence of the Abbasi era is not a good eye. 

Abbasi chilaphate

The book of Bhagabul Agranny and Arab Rajni, but talking about talking. Abul Faraj Imphhais, author of the book of Book. In 356 AH, he innalled. He was a shiite. In his written texts, he has gathered different types of descriptions. Her. Most of these descriptions are about drinking and lyrics. With women's obscenity descriptions. Most of these writings are banitated, that historians have warned dependents. Ibn al-Jawazi Rahimahullah wrote about him, 

he provoked the wickedness in his book. Show alcoholism. Anyone who is deeply observed Al Agona, there will be only hateful and bad deeds. 

Abu Muhammad Hasan Bin Hasan Nubabhta said, Khatib Baghdadi said to him a liar. The Imam wrote that he described Azb awakent events. Let's come now in the context of the Rasni. It is basically a rakkahini compilation, which has been collected. From Arab, Persia, South Asia and North Africa. The identity of these stories writers are unknown, even there are many controversy among the researchers who represent a period of time. In some stories, Harunur Rashid and Wazir Zafar Baramaki had a description, 

Harold Lamb felt that these stories were written in the center of the Bobs during the mamluk regime. Three wrote, the original known of the Kahini-Rajni is widely essentially Indian and Persian. Baghdad's Khalifa Harunur's life facts and the name of the story of the story of the rash and the story of the story. But researchers Ensure that the collection of stories is in the caire-centric and Harun, the huge part of the alleged activities of Aaron is actually a Bible. Such a thing Cancer jokes and jokes are Egyptian, nor Arabia. Bible times in the names of Christian Knights and Gusaders. Give the taufiq to know about our ancestors. Islam unveils our truth and darkness brings darkness.

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