Imam Abu Hanifa (Rahi:) and a Barber

Once in Mecca, Imam Abu Hanifa (Rahi :) went to cut hair in a barbershop.  There are some Sunnat on hair cutting. For example: 

  • Sitting towards kiblah
  • Start cutting hair from the right. 
  • When the hair cut is finished, the hairs are burst/put on the ground. 

Unfortunately,  Abu Hanifah forgot to do these Sunnat deeds. Murried to him, sit down towards Kibala, start with the right side of the hair, and let your hair put on the groud . [Al-Bahr R-Rike, Ibn Nujayem al-Hanafi: 7/13] 

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After getting the amendment from Barit, he did not say, 'Who are you to say?' Rather, the amendment of the nichita is barred from his knowledge and personality .

The opposite asked him, "Who are you learning from?" Bareated said, "From Ibn Abi Raz." [Wafayat, Ibn Khalokan: 3/261-262] 

This was the biography of our ancestors.

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